Easily expand your service area by using nemo Frame.

Any area(image, video, card, text paragraph...) that you want can be expanded as a cube form via nemo Frame.

create nemo-Frame


UI Framework that allows users to conveniently use the relevant information in 3D format without moving to new window.

Contents Unit

The relevent cotents can be displayed on the page without moving to a detailed page.

*nemo Frame allows users to view the relevant area by selecting an essential aspect. On a mobile, it repeatedly provides contents in a regular order.

The Results of a User Survey

It is easy to move to the contents of reference sites and check considerate contents.

It is available to provide/use contents without any distinction of media type.

When users select certain contents, they are able to see related information even though they haven't searched for it.

* Source: Collection of Users' Opinions on Use Behavior of Image Information Contents_Self Survey

It allows users to easily skim through a large amount of contents on the main screen

Sometimes, for a promotional area, it can be used as an event area for 'Treasure Hunt.'

With the opened contents as the basis, it is possible to provide unselected contents of other aspects
again on the basis of the contents that a user selected.

By linking the bookmarks of the detailed page,
it enables it to be directly moved to the area of the relevant page.

When providing product information through the 'Quick look,' add nemo Frame.
You can use the area of the existing button and simply add nemo Frame.

Expand the area by using nemo Frame, which provides contents via mobile.
Also, you can use the nemo cube button as a shortcut button, set the menu that users require and allow them to easily move to their favourite menu by tapping it with just one finger.
The SDK of the BETA version is free.

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