ㆍ Efficient use of the screen

ㆍ Easy management and
sharing of contents

ㆍ Compatibility

ㆍ Active, dynamic contents

Please provide existing image area in a form of 3D cube.
All you need to do is just to attach ‘video + text’ related to the image with URL or HTML. To search the reference image, you can find it without moving to new tap.

To search the reference image, you can find it without moving to new tap.
► Users can stay the your sites longer.

All contents are provided without distinction of media type.
► Users can use contents in every type of media they want.

Every browser is available.
► It is available through web browser without distinction of devices.

ㆍ Efficient use of the screen

nemo Frame provides contents by
using the screen’s Z-axis
to expand the existing area

Stays within the main screen,
making it easy to scan through the entire contents

- Information that a main page provides can be easily scanned by a user
- When exploring specific contents, as other menu are not dimmed
  or the links thereof are not moved, a user can easily understand
  the contents and find wanted information

Provides relevant information and the ease of
move to related pages

- With the main image as the center, either relevant information or a button
  through which a user can easily move to relevant channel pages is provided
-Through a bookmarking feature, connects to a specific subpage,
  not the channel’s main page

Extends a user’s staying time on a specific page

By providing various contents through the area of an existing image frame
It lets a user stay a long time on a related page and enjoy various contents

Easily applicable to specific area of an existing design

In the case of having to consider a user who is accustomed to an existing site or
previous user experience nemo Frame is applied only to a specific image frame

ㆍ Easy management and sharing
of contents

Ease of set structuring according
to specific topic
& easy recycling of the related set

Video or relevant information can be provided
individually according to user characteristics

When contents relevant information is databased,
it can be provided as customized information according to user patters

Contents set that was created can be easily placed
where it is wanted

- As a part of main screen’s slideshow, contents set can be freely recycled,
  not just in a specific area of the site, but where appropriate
- According to needs, the exposed screen of the contents to be recycled
  can be set as right/top side instead of front side
- Each contents set’s automatic animation, etc.,…
  can be provided by differentiating whether an additional button can be provided

Possible to connect with other company/SNS channels
other than own our company

According to contents and needs,
Contents connected with another company (alliance) and a specific SNS channel
rather than our company can be provided

ㆍ Compatibility

nemo Framework
with no equipment or OS

Dynamic contents viewer

- Identical functions suited to OS or browser are provided Contents can be placed in wanted areas
  (possible to provide the identical contents in different play order)
- In ‘web, mobile web, app, e-book, e-brochure,’ identical contents set is used

ㆍ Active, dynamic contents

■ Through dynamic contents,
real-time change/apply
■ Cube’s zoom in-out animation

Contents’ animation

As information is provided through the cube’s structure
Contents can be provided via more active animation

Real time apply according to the changes in contents

When mapping contents are changed in the administrator page
Related mapping contents are changed in real time

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